About Aether Samples (aether.shop)

Explore premium samples, loops, and sound kits made by Hephestos. Specializing in Lo-Fi and Instrumental Hip Hop, the shop offers high-quality sounds to elevate your music production.


About Hephestos:


Hey, I'm Phillip Schlosser, but you might know me as Hephestos or Amplitude Aether. I'm a musician and sound designer, best known for my Lo-Fi and Instrumental Hip Hop remixes of video game music, especially my remix of the Mario World Game Over Lo-Fi Hip Hop Remix, which gained over 26 million views on YouTube.

After 15 years of producing remixes and making my own original music, I decided to start sharing my sounds with other producers and musicians, focussing on my strengths of crafting sounds, samples, and loops.

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